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ROCKWOOL SAFE’n’SOUND® is a batt insulation designed specifically for interior wall and floor/ceiling applications. This stone wool insulation is made from natural stone and recycled content. It’s a green product that provides superior sound absorbency and fire protection for overall comfort and safety. Because SAFE’n’SOUND® is designed for interior applications, it has not been engineered as a thermal insulation but as a fire barrier and for soundproofing. Stone wool in general has excellent fire ratings, does not burn and can add valuable time for evacuation in the event that a fire occurs. Its higher density properties also make it an ideal solution for minimizing sound traveling between rooms.

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ROCKWOOL COMFORTBATT® is a semi-rigid batt insulation designed specifically for exterior wood and steel stud applications in residential and commercial construction. Made from natural stone and recycled slag, ROCKWOOL stone wool is a high-density insulation that will fit snugly into wall cavities and will not slump over time. It also adds superior acoustical performance to wall assemblies and floors and can be used in acoustic applications required by building code.

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Building homes is as much a passion for you as it is a business. When it comes to choosing the products and materials that go into your homes, you don’t compromise. You look for a level of quality that’s in keeping with the premium image your homes project.

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You’re not just purchasing a home, you’re creating a sanctuary that reflects your sense of style and your appreciation for enduring quality and value.When you choose a ROCKWOOL Elite Home, you are surrounding yourself with the most advanced insulation products available today. ROCKWOOL insulation is engineering to deliver market leading R-value that will stand the test of time. It will help control your annual heating and cooling costs, help reduce energy consumption and lesson your inpact on the environment for years to come. And ROCKWOOL also provides an added element of fire protection and tranquility that goes far beyond ordinary insulations.Choose a better way to live. Choose ROCKWOOL...

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Before the heat really cranks up in Hammond, Ville Platte, New Orleans, Lake Charles, Lafayette or Baton Rouge, trust Rader’s Insulation to install a radiant barrier in your home’s attic. Your power bill already goes up whenever you run the air conditioning, so why not take this step to cut down on your energy usage? To schedule an evaluation or learn about how we can help you as a Rockwool insulation contractor, give us a call today.